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US-632744-A: Dash-pot and actuating-cylinder. patent, US-633153-A: Matcher-head. patent, US-63317-A: Sleeve patent, US-633846-A: Nasal douche. patent, US-634798-A: Drier. patent, US-636568-A: Tooth-crown. patent, US-637987-A: Adjustable ball-bearing for lawn-mowers. patent, US-638667-A: Railway safety-gate. patent, US-639009-A: Fertilizer-distributer and planter. patent, US-639676-A: Key for brake-shoes. patent, US-640389-A: Corn-harvester. patent, US-641549-A: Gas-burner. patent, US-642020-A: Vehicle-brake. patent, US-643371-A: Red rhodamin dye. patent, US-643687-A: Rein-holder. patent, US-648476-A: Index. patent, US-648874-A: Booster apparatus for systems of electrical distribution. patent, US-649720-A: Vehicle-tire. patent, US-64982-A: Alfked ivers patent, US-65023-A: Elihtj sp enceb patent, US-651698-A: Aerial toy. patent, US-652127-A: Furniture-caster. patent, US-653003-A: Illuminated sign. patent, US-65343-A: Wilxiam s patent, US-655519-A: Friction-grip. patent, US-657233-A: Game apparatus. patent, US-657584-A: Scrubbing-machine. patent, US-659714-A: Hose-nozzle. patent, US-65993-A: Albert bingham patent, US-662809-A: Rail-joint. patent, US-66405-A: William snodgrass patent, US-665129-A: Drop-cylinder for vapor-lamps. patent, US-665282-A: Draft-equalizer. patent, US-667694-A: Pneumatic straw-stacker. patent, US-668015-A: Plumb rule and level. patent, US-669572-A: Automatic fluopneumatic ejector. patent, US-670825-A: Letter-box. patent, US-3682518-A: Magnetic fluid bearing patent, US-3709477-A: Mechanism for swinging a taphole gun patent, US-3758594-A: Process for producing sulphonium compounds patent, US-3800590-A: Detachment apparatus for balloon borne equipment patent, US-3857706-A: Electrical contact materials and methods of making the same patent, US-3859436-A: Sugar composition for topical application patent, US-3926507-A: Telephoto lens system patent, US-3950062-A: Wire slot terminal double beam system patent, US-4043182-A: Testing of cigarettes patent, US-4062961-A: Pharmaceutical compositions and methods of inhibiting phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase patent, US-4107843-A: Orthodontic appliance patent, US-4139682-A: Cells having cathodes derived from ammonium-copper-molybdenum-chalcogen compounds patent, US-4217282-A: Process for making N-(2-methyl-1-naphthyl)-maleimide patent, US-4399324-A: Multiplex demodulation circuit patent, US-4429564-A: Vibration type density meter patent, US-4441511-A: Pneumatic material handling system for combines patent, US-4460357-A: Fluid dispensing device patent, US-4541955-A: Azetidinone-4-carboxylate containing a protected 3-acetyl group and process for their preparation patent, US-4667286-A: Method and apparatus for transferring data between a disk and a central processing unit patent, US-4715529-A: Beak-type carton lock patent, US-4725625-A: Pharmaceutical composition and method for treating cachexia in humans due to cancer patent, US-4747885-A: Solution and process for coating metals patent, US-4892629-A: Electrochemical preparation of silver oxide electrodes having high thermal stability patent, US-5528960-A: Power transmission apparatus patent, US-5571978-A: Apparatus for testing bottles for the presence of contamination patent, US-6038017-A: Method of controlling multi-species epitaxial deposition patent, US-6224394-B1: Tubular circuit connector patent, US-6422510-B1: Shimmy-free aircraft tail wheel conversion patent, US-6553284-B2: Process to prevent the overturning of a vehicle around its longitudinal axis patent, US-3730167-A: Non boil-over cooking assembly patent, US-3776564-A: Releasing heel retainer patent, US-3850022-A: Swaging machine for a continuous swaging of elongated workpieces patent, US-3852942-A: Apparatus for opening a carton flap patent, US-3927190-A: Method for producing anhydrous hydrosulfite patent, US-3999077-A: Rectifier-inverter and line voltage regulator system patent, US-4017974-A: Handpiece with adjustable water spray patent, US-4075502-A: Monitoring device patent, US-4117228-A: 1,3-benzodioxol derivatives patent, US-4133134-A: Fishing lure patent, US-4133203-A: Apparatus for testing the burst strength of a line of perforations patent, US-4134051-A: Bi-directional electric motor control circuit patent, US-4139633-A: Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of hypertonia patent, US-4240985-A: Aldehyde synthesis patent, US-4555364-A: Method for preparing 1-hydroxyvitamin D compounds patent, US-4662296-A: Buttonholder for zigzag sewing machine patent, US-4786750-A: Pentene derivatives patent, US-4904053-A: Curable composition patent, US-4942815-A: Meter roll mounting means patent, US-4982521-A: Recoil shock relieving pad for rifles patent, US-5037988-A: Process for preparing cephalosporins and intermediates therefor patent, US-5266410-A: Treatment and after-treatment of metal with polyphenol compounds patent, US-5301374-A: Urinal assembly patent, US-5525765-A: Acoustical virtual environment patent, US-5592315-A: Liquid crystal device and liquid crystal apparatus patent, US-5689412-A: Univerally adaptable multi-function portable power supply unit for ac/dc conversion which including backup battery and battery charger patent, US-5742776-A: Decision support system patent, US-5743801-A: Collectable video sports card patent, US-5811464-A: Use of 2-methylamino-2-phenylcyclohexanone for the treatment of bacterial, fungal, virus or protozoan infections as well as for immunomodulation patent, US-5953123-A: Fixed interval background auto-alignment for closed loop interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes patent, US-6030236-A: Electrical connector assembly slidably mating via internal lever patent, US-6042211-A: Ink drop volume variance compensation for inkjet printing patent, US-6308689-B1: Injection valve for an internal combustion engine patent, US-6457033-B1: Method of predicting diffusion state and apparatus for analyzing same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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